Colorful life


Song coming 2019!

Sitting on the stairs where you once left
waiting for the warmth that you once gave
but gray is just the only thing I see
capturing the colored half of me

uh heart beats deep inside
uh keeping me alive

uuuh colorful life
uuuh colorful life

My history keeps fading in my mind
the pictures in my hands are black and white
those glorious days, so colorful and bright
stuck in my throat, keeping me inside

uh marching to the beat
passing nameless streets

uuuh colorful life
uuuh colorful life

put my feet on the ground, warmth surrounds me
tear all gray curtains down, warmth surrounds me
colorful sounds so bright that surround me
precious tunes rising high

uuuh colorful life
uuuh colorful life

  • Composer: Andy Host
  • Music by: Andy Host
  • Available versions: raw mix
  • Year: 2015
  • Published: 2019 (Coming soon)
  • Genre: Indie-Pop, Brit-Pop