Earthquakes and queens


Song coming 2019!

Curtains fall, someone tall enters the dark stage
the hero appears to burst the cage
As he pulls out his sword to set free his love
the ground starts to shake and things get rough
And he goes …

Earthquakes and queens
dominate the scenes
Dragons and knights
push me into fights

So the hero moves on to the second scene
looking for glory and his queen
he´s not searching for grales, but his only love
as he enters the stronghold things get rough
And he goes …


Bridge (optional)
Maybe it´s just a dream
nothing is as it seems
maybe it´s just a play
we´re rehearsing everyday

Earthquakes and queens
dominating the scenes
making me feel alive
Since you are by my side


  • Composer: Andy Host
  • Music by: Andy Host
  • Available versions: raw mix
  • Year: 2017
  • Published: 2019 (Coming soon)
  • Genre: Dance-Pop, Indie-Pop