My father told


Tear down and take all my pride
Hurt me, push my love aside
My faith won ́t burst and won ́t fade
I ́m ok, I am ok.

It ́s dark but the stars gonna rise
My life one big sacrifice
There ́s hope, there is always a light
I ́m alright, I am alright.

My father told me to go on
as long as music plays
and if it stops and voices fade
go on, sing it your way

I ́m stuck and the coffee is cold
So tired by the visions that I ́ve been told
I breath, as long air fills my lung
I am strong, I am strong.


My father told me to stay strong
That I would see one day
That good times go and come along
My son you ́ll find your way!


  • Composer: Andy Host
  • Music by: Andy Host
  • Available versions: raw mix
  • Year: 2018
  • Published: 2019
  • Genre: Folk-Pop, Indie-Pop